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A place to rest

Our modernly decorated apartments will provide you with a comfortable and convenient stay in a natural environment with all the accompanying services needed by a modern guest.


Accommodation with meals

Apartments Sunce also offers guests catering services in the restaurant that works within the villa and is available to guests.


The distance from Belgrade is some 300 kilometres, from Novi Sad 380. Sofia is at 140 kilometres, and Niš at mere 80.

Why we?

Where are we?

How to reach us?

There are several ways to reach us and the Old Mountains. Stara Planina regionally belongs to Eastern Serbia and administratively extends to the municipalities of Zajecar, Knjazevac, Pirot and Dimitrovgrad. Although there are roads through Aleksinac and Sokobanja, Pirot and Temska, we would single out 2 routes with the best quality roads and the best maintenance.

If you are an adventurer

If you are an adventurer and like to see natural and other beauties along the way, then we recommend a trip through Paracin, Zajecar and Knjazevac. This section is for the most part an excellent highway and is well maintained.
However, if you want to get to Stara Planina in the most efficient way, we recommend a trip through Nis, Svrljig and Knjazevac. If you decide to travel that route, the road is 110 kilometers long, with good vertical and horizontal signalization. This route is regularly maintained and is always passable, so it is the best choice for coming, with the recommended caution due to the ice on the road.
Be sure to fill the tank on the highway, because in the last 50 km you will not come across any gas station.